Tresestrellas: 5
(CD Ep special edition, AA011, 2007)

01. Palaciega
02. Run fast
03. My love
04. Not be idiots
05. I'm on the hill MP3 (8.2 mb)

Drums and cavernous electric guitars, with echoes from Neil Young, with anxious and cut dry blows which behave like dried paper upon the humidity of the songs. Mostly based on loops of few solemn chords, left to sound with calmness. A soloist female voice with a complex understanding of drama, which perfectly shapes the density of the song. The dandyism of Nick Cave invades passages where time is suspended, the slowcore is pinpointed, coming up and coming down, whispering, stammering, threading word after word until it becomes a sentence. And if we read between the lines we can even detect the hypnotic stoicism of old country blues from Skip James or the Carter Family. The final result is something genuine and personal, Tresestrellas is like a tide which secretly and unexpectedly pulls in and drags you into that shady truth that is drawn by them.

Maria Valle
Javier Aquilué
Carlos Aquiué
Recorded and mixed by Tresestrellas in between Huesca, Muriedas (Pub Minimal) and El Astillero.
Mastering by Javier Arce.
August-September 2006


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Tresestrellas - 5