Kiev cuando nieva: s/t
(CD Digipack, AA012, 2007)

01. Ayudante
02. Demasiado alto MP3 (3.7 mb)
03. Hacia las tapias
04. Ejes y poleas
05. El cambio horario
06. En ningún arbol
07. Incendio
08. Ermita
09. Fiesta menor
10. No firmes
11. Guardabosques
12. Todo el pueblo

If we begin to track down influences and resemblances, Kiev cuando nieva makes our work difficult: if they had practiced harmonious and flowy pop, like Sparklehorse or the Beachwood Sparks, they would not show the skeletal frugality of their arrangements, those cuts made with an ax that appear within the songs’ structure. If it were a sort of pop reinterpretation of The Incredible String Band, they would not make use of those plainly worded lyrics, the antipode of the beatnik chaos and William Blake’s symbolism. Banjos, faulty keyboards, drums which resound as if machinery, guitars that find a space in which to dialogue between the ghostly reminder of a bass that isn’t there. The fragile voices make their way among this estranged beauty, and speak of forest keepers, subalterns, trips to hermitages, coincidences, and get-togethers with friends. The record shapes up as the listening continues, like a panoramic view of a world amazed by the smallest details, by the daily baroque, by the melancholy and the humor.

Javier Aquilué, Antxon Corcuera, Carlos Aquilué
Recording and Mix by Rafael Martínez Del Pozo, Huesca/ /Lisboa
Mastering by Chris von Rautenkranz at Soundgarden, Hamburg


10,00 €
2,00 €
Kiev Cuando Nieva - Kiev Cuando Nieva