A A TIGRE: felicidades
(Vinyl LP, AA#10, 2007)

Side A:
1. La Pausa
2. Vamos, Vamos
3. Paro, Descanso
4. Felicidades

Side B:
1. No, nada MP3 (6.4 MB)
2. La voz de mi amor duerme conmigo
3. El Camino Rojo

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“Felicidades”, a delicate gift of praiseworthy sensibility, Rafael Martinez del Pozo has handed over to us.The aesthetic, the ornamental choices have changed since the first recordings, or better they have evolved. The implementation of a more ample and intensely original instrumentation has achieved a continuing and hugely evolutionist line at once. Sax, fluegelhorn, casiotone, clarinet and peculiar percussions add greater depth within the various nuances of meaning. In addition, a much more marked experimental charge and an extremely interesting indolent noisiness with a certain rural aftertaste innervate this record. Maintaining true to the tendency to create spaces, the marvelous performing style of A A Tigre is quite honestly unique.

E. Pérez



Juan Carlos Roldan: Percussion.
Andres Arregui: Tenor Sax, Flügelhorn, Banjo, Percussion.
Miguel Bernardo: Clarinet, Casiotone.
Rafael Martinez Del Pozo: Voice, Classic guitar , Banjo, Percussion.
Recording, mix: Merida, Lisbon, May 2006
Mastering by Chris von Rautenkranz at Soundgarden, Hamburg
Songs and lyrics by Rafael Martínez Del Pozo
Cover photo: Toni Guillem

MORE INFO: http://www.myspace.com/aatigre

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2,50 €
A A Tigre - Felicidades