Loss blue

david loss: Blue demo _ 2009
(AA022 MP3 Download)

01. Ambulance (you came to me and took me with you)
02. Delay ((.))
03. Silent phonecalls of the mind (Here, there, anywhere)
04. Waiting to rain (Pressure. The impossible)
05. In a certain frequency (Lost frequency. Underflow)
06. Noone looks deeper than you ( )
07, Pan (The book. The obstination)
08. Judas (God bless the faithful friends)
09. Rain in the mud (Useless efforts. Be good, be one)
10. Without religion (Doing what you can is never enough)
11. The mirror (Wasted nihilism)

David Loss: Voice, acustic and electric guitar, base and programing

Recorded 2009 with support by Kiev cuando nieva:
Javier Aquilué: Electric guitar, base and backing vocals
Antxon Corcuera: Keyboards, moog, acustic guitar,
percussion and backing vocals
Carlos Aquilué: Drums, electric guitar, melodica

Artwork: Victor Esther Garcia

MORE INFO: http://www.myspace.com/davidloss